One of my bestest girlfriends Jenna recently gifted me with something sew cute. I couldn’t resist recreating it from leftover materials from the Mardi Gras headpiece project.

She found this scissors case at an estate sale. She always finds great loot when she hits these sorts of sales!

So I used the case as a guide, and traced the outline on four pieces of felt (2 green and 2 pink). I cut out the pieces using my pinking shears. I then free handed the scissors, and stitched the applique to one of the pink pieces of felt. I had flashbacks to the baby book for Felix. After, I stitched one green piece to one pink piece, and then the other green pieces to the remaining pink piece. I stitched the top of the case only.

I then stacked all four pieces, and stitched the bottom half. By not stitching all the way up, you leave room for the opening. And voila:

And the two cases, side-by-side:

Each pair of my scissors will be outfitted in one of these very soon.