So after a mini hiatus (ok, maybe a not-so-mini hiatus), I’m sew back. My first completed project for 2012: headpieces for the lovely ladies of float #21 of my favorite all-female Mardi Gras krewe, the Krewe of Muses. Note the emphasis on “completed”! I have started many projects since the start of the year, but need to focus on completion rate.

I was given the float theme of “young + rich” and was told that the wigs would have pigtails (reinforced the “young” of the theme). So from there, the idea was born:

  • I made bows out of felt (a basting stitch up the middle of the felt strips, then gathered).
  • Glittered the edges and placed rhinestones for added bling.
  • Found dollar sign medallions on a strand of dollar sign beads. I used every part of the strand – the medallion for the centerpiece and the mini dollar sign “beads” at the corners to make the bow resemble a dollar sign.
  • And topped it off with a fan of play money.

And with this came the prototype:

But it needed a bit more bling slash accoutrements. And a little light.

I took tulle (nylon netting) and placed it between the bow and the fan of money. This gave it a bit more depth.

And while shopping around, I found these great light-up gift bows:

I removed the bow, and squeezed the optical fibers through the dollar sign. I added a hair clip on the back, and voila, we have a headpiece (one for each pigtail):


And once placed on the wig:


“Happy are they whom the Muses love.” – Hesiod