This past week, I didn’t have a chance to tackle a pattern.


Actually, no boo’ing. Instead, I helped my friend Melissa bring her costume concept to reality. She wanted to be a unicorn, and we made her just that.

Last month, we hit the fabric shop to pick up material, a dress pattern, and ribbon for the headpiece and tail. I liked the detail of this Butterick dress pattern, specifically the front seam details. If a unicorn wore a dress, I think this would be it. Imagination.

Fast forward a month.

This past week, we got to work. I made the front and back of the dress, and when Melissa came over to work on the headpiece, I fitted her. This is the first I have done a fitting mid-project, and wow, did it make a difference. It was so nice to make the adjustments while sewing instead of going back once the project is finished to make the adjustments. Less seam ripping required.

And I learned a new word – scant. The directions instructed me to cut to scant 3/8″. So what is it exactly? A fancy word for “nearly.” But after learning this new word, I hear “scant this, and scant that.” It mostly is in the context of the stock market. But this is a sewing blog, so back to sewing.

As I was finishing the dress, Melissa wrapped ribbon around a styrofoam cone. We then took the remaining fabric, and made a tail. We attached the tail to the inside of the dress, and ripped a bit of the seam on the back of the dress to feed the tail through.

And instantly, she was a unicorn:

Happy Halloween! See you next Monday…