…why I heart Amy Butler!

The United States Postal Service delivered two very special items to me:

1. A Hancock Fabrics gift card courtesy of Blumenthal Lansing. In September, the button company hosted a sewing competition in honor of National Sewing Month. I was one of three lucky winners.

2. A delivery notice. I have a package from AMY BUTLER!!!! Repeat: I have a package from THE Amy Butler. She is a sewlebrity.

So let me catch my breath and back up.

During¬†week 12 and week 13, I experimented with Amy Butler’s fabric and pattern. I loved every moment of each of the projects, and I wanted to tell Amy Butler just how much I loved it. So I shot her an email thanking her for doing what she does. The next day, I received a very kind reply from her. I was glowing….all week. She had asked if she could send me a little something, something by mail.

Fast forward just a few days. I receive the above notification. I went to the post office this morning to pick up the package.

I still cannot believe Amy Butler is sending ME something. With chills, I opened the package. I cannot believe all the goodies that were included:

She even signed the book.

Sew much fun awaits me.

Amy Butler, you are the best. Your email made my day, week, month. This package has made my year. Thank you, thank you.

Time to get back to sewing. Tune in Monday for the next Stitch Me Something, Sister! project.