Project: Awning

Sew Tunes:  Al Stewart (Pandora Station)

Pattern: Lee’s brain

Fabric Used: Sunbrella

New to Me: Working with heavy outdoor fabric

Trips to Store: 1. Lee purchased the fabric. I ran to the fabric shop to pick up upholstery thread and machine needles.

Loved one: My friend Lee, who is never short of projects. But they are good projects, like the Eat Local Challenge and the OCH Art Market.

Day by Day…

Sunday, October 2:

It’s sew time.

Given this is more of a weekend project, I started while working on last week’s clutch.

In return for teaching me the art of screen printing, I agreed to help Lee with an awning project he has been wanting to tackle. He brought the Sunbrella. I brought my Singer, size 16 machine needles, and black upholstery thread.

I left the measurements to Lee. All I knew, and at moments during the project forgot, was that the finished awning (with pockets and hems) was to be (73.5″ h x 99″ w). I did attempt some measurements, however:

We (Lee being the sous sewist) started by cutting out the two panels and stitched the center seam. I brought back the french seam from week eleven , and without a refresher via a tutorial, I think I did the job right:

After, we created pockets at each end (5″ total). I then stitched 1″ from the edge to create a tighter pocket.

After, we created “pockets” along the front for the bar. We left enough fabric for an 8″ flap.

Installation. Awwwwww…..

Project Wrap-up

Sew Happy:

  • The installation went smoothly.

Not Sew Happy:

  • I’m sew happy. No bad news to report.

Helpful Hints (to self)

  • Brush up on my math skills.