Project: Play Buggy Blanket

Pandora Station: Angus and Julia Stone

Pattern: BurdaStyle

Dimension: 51 ¼” x 39 ½”

Fabric Used: 100% Cotton

New to me: The use of batting

Trips to store: One. It was a close call, but was able to substitute with a scrap of fabric I had.

Loved one: My best friend Megan’s baby, Miles. I can’t wait to meet him.

Day by Day…

Saturday, June 25:

It started at the bargain table. Awwww, San Francisco. The place I left my heart. To compliment the SF-themed fabric, designed by M’Liss Rae Hawley, I pulled out the polka dots for the wings.

Sunday, June 26:

I took the morning to cut the pattern and fabric. I first saw this:They think so? We shall see.

There are 5 pattern pieces for this view. Once cut:

Sidenote: While cutting, I learned something new. Ever noticed the dots of color (with numbers) in the selvage? Like this:

Thanks to a poster on “Sew What’s Up,” I no longer have to wonder:

 “I had the impression the numbers were in direct relation to the amount of the colour in the print. If brown is #1, that means that brown is the dominant colour, #2 is the next dominant, etc. It is an excellent tool for matching colours in the fabric store. I don’t think all fabrics have these guides. I notice them on a lot of home dec. fabrics.”

Friday, July 1

I had the day off, but definitely worked it…the seam ripper that is. I felt like the pattern needed some adjusting (sorry, Burda!). The instructions had me sew the front and back pieces of the blanket together first, and then the bug was to be placed and stitched. I didn’t want the stitch (of the bug’s outline) to show through the back of the blanket. I ripped the front and back pieces apart, then did the buggy work on the front of the blanket. It started to come together:

Once the bug was placed, I stitched the front of the blanket to the back (right sides together.). I fipped the blanket inside out, then stitched shut the opening. It came together…a week later.

(Megs, it’s going into the mail tomorrow!)

Project Wrap-up

Sew Happy:

  • There was some remnant SF material left which is perfect for some note card making.

Not Sew Happy:

  • With Burda patterns, the cutting diagrams are on the actual pattern (tissue) and not on the instruction sheet. A little tough to keep track of.
  • I bought way too much batting for the project.
  • Initially, I was going to use the orange fabric for the backside of the blanket, but it was too transparent. Last minute switch out with fabric from old curtains.

Helpful Hints (to self)

  • It’s easier to label the actual pattern pieces with what they are (for example, pattern pice 3 is the “wing”).
  • Study pattern closely first. A few of the cuts had to be reversed.


Megan sent me a picture of Miles smiling on his new blanket. Thanks, Megs!

And then this…